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A Balanced Brightness Regimen: The Vita Method

A Balanced Brightness Regimen: The Vita Method

Skincare regimens need a balance of different nutrients, antioxidants and other ingredients to provide patients with everything they need. Because of the variety of different actives that products can provide, certain combinations work well together to achieve particular results.

For example, combining products containing vitamin A will stimulate collagen production and quickly grow new skin, while products with antioxidants are fantastic for outdoor use and protection from environmental free radicals. Different regimens can be used depending on a patient's needs and desires for their skin.

In the past, we've put together kits and collections with products that synergize well together, like our Age Reverse System. One of our favorite kits that we've offered previously is called the Vita Method. It contains a powerful medley of vitamins and antioxidants to increase skin brightness and improve appearance, vitality and resilience.

The Vita Method contains three products:


After cleansing, applying Vita-B enzyme polish exfoliates the skin, removing the outermost layer of dead cells. This helps a new layer of healthy, young skin come to the surface for a youthful, radiant appearance.

Vita-B Enzyme Polish not only exfoliates using micro polishing spheres and pomegranate enzymes, but it also contains soothing B vitamins. It contains niacinamide (vitamin B3) to moisturize, strengthen the skin barrier and calm inflammation and irritation. It also uses panthenol (vitamin B5), another hydrating active that relaxes and visibly smoothes skin.

Vita-B Enzyme Polish also uses a blend of botanical oils to soothe even more. Using this product to exfoliate not only renews skin, but calms and heals it. It also increases absorption of nutrients from other products and serums.


After exfoliating, Vita-C Peptides Spray acts as a calming, firming moisturizer. It uses magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a water-stable form of vitamin C, to hydrate skin and improve elasticity.

This misting product contains an algae extract to dramatically increase skin hydration and promote healthy collagen production. It uses a blend of botanicals and aromatherapy agents to instantly soothe and provide a feeling of well-being.

Vita-C Peptide Spray is applied by spraying the face, making it simple and easy to use. It can be used as a makeup foundation or setter, helping even skin tone in addition to providing moisture.


Last, we recommend applying Vita-Soothe, a potent rejuvenating serum. Vita Soothe is packed with vitamins and active to promote and fortify skin health. It contains vitamin E, a powerful and regenerative antioxidant, and vitamin F to renew, soften and hydrate rough and acneic skin.

Vita Soothe also contains Lipochroman®, the most powerful antioxidant on the market today. Lipochroman® prevents damage caused by oxygen, nitrogen and carbon free radicals. Finally, lipids in Vita Soothe trap moisture into skin, helping it stay hydrated and smooth for longer.

The Vita Method combines these three products to create a vitamin-packed skincare regimen for daily use. With so many essential vitamins and nutrients plus botanicals and antioxidants, skin is left feeling refreshed and looking youthful and vibrant. It is also protected from pollution and remains hydrated, soft and healthy.