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Anti-Aging Plumping Balm

A protective and rejuvenating cranberry-flavoured lip balm that instantly plumps lips for longer, and coats them with the most powerful antioxidant on the market. Rich in vitamin B and firming peptides, this balm protects lip skin against environmental toxins that cause thinning lips, fine lines and loss of color.


      • A healthy plumping balm rich in antioxidants and vitamins
      • Gives lips an instant and long-lasting plumping effect
      • Protects lips from environmental toxins

Main Ingredients

Lipochrome® Antioxidant : This is the most powerful antioxidant on the market. It prevents the formation of nitrogen and oxygen free radicals (it is the only antioxidant to protect against nitrogen free radicals) to reduce the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, loss of elasticity and redness.

Lipochrome® is the most powerful ingredient on the market to fight oxygen free radicals, 11 times more powerful than Idebenone . Unlike some antioxidants that offer no protection against nitrogen free radicals, Lipochrome® is a dual action antioxidant that protects the skin from nitrogen and oxygen free radicals, providing increased clinical improvement.

Chromabright®: An innovative bleaching ingredient that reduces the appearance of age spots and uneven pigmentation, while providing protection against UVA rays, UVB and HEV. chromabright® is 50% more effective at lightening skin than Kojic Acid.

Benzyl Nicotinate (a derivative of niacin) : Benzyl Nicotinate is an easy-to-use vasodilator (it increases blood flow to the lips). Women are happy to get plumper, more colored lips, without the risks associated with pepper, cinnamon, and other caustic ingredients often found in plumping balms.

Marine Tripeptide Discs: These are dehydrated microspheres of marine origin. They are activated by the friction of the lips against each other in order to stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, for a soft and plumped lip contour.