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Magazine Les nouvelles esthétique

Magazine The aesthetic news

You are curious to learn more about neurocosmetics, here is an article in the magazine Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada .

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Our company is located in the greater Montreal area. Lukso NeuroCosmetics offers high performance medical grade skin care and treatment. Our range of products is designed by dermatologists, MD, FAAD, and offers, in particular, anti-aging, anti-acne, redness and rosacea care, for sensitive skin and sun protection.

The products are clinically developed by certified dermatologists with proven results.

Founded in 2021 by Marie-Christine Roy with more than 25 years of experience in cosmetics, particularly as a manager and trainer.

What are neurocosmetics?

Scientific advances in neuroscience make it possible to better and better identify the links between the nervous system, the brain and the health of our skin. Neurocosmetics therefore concerns any product that can be applied to the skin, exerting a direct action on the epidermis and linked to an influence on the nervous system.

This action can be soothing or stimulating, reduce inflammatory or modulate certain receptors. LUKSO NeuroCosmetics develops this universe to put it to the benefit of the products in the range.

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is a high-performance, medical-grade skincare company.