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Retinol 0.5%

Stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of lines and prevent wrinkles. Brightens skin tone and unclogs pores to make them look smaller and reduce breakouts.

Vitamin E

Calms inflammation and redness. Strengthens the skin's defense against environmental damage. Soothes and restores skin after trauma.

Lilac Stem Cells

Anti-aging, reduces inflammation, redness, breakouts and the appearance of pores while protecting and fighting free radicals caused by UV rays.


Protects against damage caused by free radicals of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and urban dust particles known to damage the skin and promote the appearance of age spots.

Vitamin C

Fights excess pigment, promotes the formation of new collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protects the skin against UV and free radical damage.


A unique natural active ingredient, tensor and firming. It provides both a quick and instant tightening effect and a superior long-term firming effect.

Lukso Specialist

Clinic L'Aesthetic Brossard

Clinique Médico-Esthétique

1362 rue De Montarville


Québec, J3V 3T7


District Spa Urbain

365 rue Du Moulin
Québec, Canada, G0X 3H0

Sarah Biron, LUKSO specialist

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