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The Complete Post-Treatment System is an ultra-powerful skin care regimen specifically designed to help repair, strengthen and protect the skin after skin treatments such as peeling, laser, microneedling etc.

Discovery format post-processing system includes:

  1. Chamomile Facial Cleanser - 30ml
  • Benefits: Cleanses, soothes and hydrates normal to sensitive skin
  • Key Ingredients: Chamomile Essential Oil, Peptides and Brown Seaweed Extract
  1. Vita® Soothing Serum - 15ml
  • Benefits: Corrects dull, rough skin, reduces signs of aging, speeds up healing. Provides antioxidants and hydrating nutrients to help skin glow. Ideal for dry, red, irritated or acne-prone skin.
  • Main ingredients: Liprochrome, vitamin F, vitamin E and lipids.
  1. Regenerating global protection SPF 40 ® - 15 ml
  • Benefits: Firms, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Can be used as a base and is ideal for sensitive, acne-prone, rosacea-prone skin and before and after treatment. Sun and environmental protection SPF40. Tinted moisturizing sunscreen.
  • Key Ingredients: 8% Antioxidant Zinc Oxide®, Peptides and Brightening Agents.


Use Anti-Aging System morning and night. CLEANSING : Begin by applying a small amount of cleanser to face and neck moist, massaging gently. Leave on for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. TREAT : Then apply serum to face and neck. HYDRATE : Finish with moisturizing lotion.