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Skin aging in men


Marie-Christine Roy-

Men's skin is fundamentally different from women's, despite having the same concerns.

In men, testosterone determines the characteristics of the skin

The 4 fundamental differences versus women's skin

1E Skin is thicker: On average by 20%.

Men's skin is, by nature, more resistant than women's.It is thicker because the cell layers of its epidermis are more numerous.It is also firmer and more supple because its dermis is reinforced with collagen for hormonal reasons.Sagging skin will appear later than in women.

2e Skin tends to be oilier: Men's skin produces more sebaceous glands, has larger pores, and has 2x more sebum production than the female gender.

On the other hand, men suffer less from dryness.

In men, sebum production is substantial.Its high testosterone level (10 times higher than that of women) causes greater stimulation of the sebaceous glands, promoting oilier skin.Although conducive to the appearance of comedones, this high production of sebum provides better protection against external aggressions.

On the other hand, with age, this exacerbated secretion turns into an advantage.A thicker hydrolipidic film in men than in women protects the skin from drying out and, at the same time, from ageing.Because according to many studies, oily skin wrinkles less easily than dry skin.

Furthermore, men's skin, and more specifically their dermis, is richer in collagen.In addition, the decrease in its renewal over time is slower than in women.This further slows down the aging of the skin.

3e redness

Since blood flow is more abundant in men, their skin is more prone to redness.This phenomenon can be aggravated by shaving.

4e Skin ages differently:

For humans, the amount of collagen decreases at a constant rate.For the woman, it occurs later but in increased intensity.Ex, following menopause, the skin becomes thinner and the effects of aging may seem more pronounced than men

But don't claim victory too quickly, gentlemen! Because know that shaving, in particular, irritates the skin and undermines the protective hydrolipidic film.And that once the aging process is underway, it can progress faster than in these ladies.


For men, the signs of aging appear later, but once started, evolve more quickly.

In addition, they are more affected by muscle loss and sagging skin.They are more candidates for puffy eyes, dark circles and puffiness.

On a male face, the signs of age-related aging become visible according to this timeline:

- Forehead wrinkles between 20 and 30 years old

-The nasolabial folds between 30 and 40 years old
- The gaze area (valley of tears, crow's feet wrinkles and bags under the eyes) changes between 40 and 50 years old
- Face lines and bitterness lines form between the ages of 50 and 60
- Loss of facial volume becomes problematic at age 60.

Characteristics of aging male skin:

  • the epidermis has shrunk; but being thicker than in women, its thinning is less visible
  • the dermal-epidermal junction has flattened; resulting in skin that seems "too big", but it flattens less quickly than in women, probably because the collagen in men is more resistant.
  • the dermis has also decreased in thickness with slowly thinning constituents

But at any age, the male dermis is richer in collagen compared to that of women.
While, in women, the firmness of the skin gradually decreases from the age of 30 before accelerating at the time of menopause, in men, it suddenly decreases from the same age before stabilize around 40-50 years.

It is said that although men also have wrinkles, they are less concerned about them, however, the trend is reversing and more and more men are looking for a suitable treatment allowing them to to be on their best days for as long as possible.Thus, over the past 4 years, the percentage of male clients in medico-aesthetic clinics has continued to grow at a frantic pace.

Different needs:

More and more men are concerned about the health of their skin.When it comes to anti-aging, the key word is prevention.

Men will benefit from skin care adapted to their needs.Lighter textures, salicylic acid cleansers, oil-free moisturizers, glycolic and enzyme gels and an excellent firming eye cream that will help stimulate drainage and activate blood activity.

Marketing tends to produce manly-looking containers to attract the male sex and promise them power and strength.However, their skin can be sensitive or temporarily sensitized (change in temperature, shaving, pollution) and often requires gentler care.

In terms of anti-aging, certain active ingredients are to be favoured:

- Hyaluronic acid for its moisturizing and filling effect

- Vitamin C and Fruit Acids for Complexion Radiance

- Fruit acids for their exfoliating effect

- Retinol to improve skin quality

Marie-Christine Roy