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Neurocosmetics, what is it?

The world of cosmetics is wide and often uses terms whose meaning or origin is not fully understood. Here's a new one: neurocosmetics. Even if individually we fully understand the terms neuroscience and cosmetics, together… It becomes more complicated to make sense of it. Don't panic, LUKSO NeuroCosmetics explains everything!

How do neurocosmetics work?

Neurocosmetics bases its technology on the links between the skin, the nervous system and the brain. We know that our body is a well-oiled machine where everything communicates and responds to each other, and obviously our skin is no exception. Research has already shown that the emotions generated by the sensations brought by a product when we apply something to our skin, whether it is its perfume, its texture or its finish, have a direct impact on it, in particular on its natural protective function but also on its ability to defend itself against external aggressions.

Our skin is our first sensory sensor and transmits, thanks to its sensors, information to our nervous system, which allows our brain to generate a response afterwards.

Neurocosmetics therefore plays with this principle by offering products which, once applied to the skin, will exert a direct action on the epidermis and influence the nervous system to cause a soothing or stimulating action, but also reduce inflammatory reactions.

What are the ingredients of neurocosmetics?

An ingredient alone cannot qualify a neurocosmetic product. This technique requires a symbiosis of specific ingredients which, when mixed together according to specific conditions, create the effects of neurocosmetics.

Thus, there is no specific or key ingredient for a product to be neurocosmetics: this innovative technology is the result of an assembly of ingredients and a manufacturing process specific.

Among the stars of the components of neurocosmetics, it is possible to find varieties of mushrooms, plant stem cells or even seaweed.

For which skin types and which skin problems are neurocosmetics effective?

For all skin types and all skin problems! By choosing products adapted and formulated specifically to meet your particular needs, you can build a skincare routine based on neurocosmetics, which will bring you unprecedented results!

In addition, at LUKSO NeuroCosmetics, we have formulated products that are 95% vegan and not tested on animals, because we wanted to offer ethical and unique care.

Neurocosmetics are the future of your skincare routine. Now that you know how it works, don't hesitate to get them!

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Marie-Christine Roy