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The art of cleansing your skin

It's no longer a secret that cleansing your skin is an essential step in daily skincare routines. Let's take a quick look at the best practices to adopt to cleanse your skin as effectively as possible.

Choosing the right cleanser

We can't repeat it enough, but choosing the right product for your skin type is very important. Some cleansers can be too harsh or can dry out your skin. It is therefore essential to choose a cleanser that is perfectly suited to your skin type, and which will allow a gentle cleansing, without attacking it.

The Power of Double Cleansing

The double cleanse has been talked about for several years, whether on social networks or by experts. Yet known and recommended for several years, double cleansing often remains a step that we tend to forget in our routine. Yet it is one, if not the most important step in a good skincare routine. Indeed, to properly cleanse your skin, you must start by removing make-up in order to remove all the make-up that forms a barrier between the cleanser and your skin. In this way, when you apply your cleanser, it will act directly on your skin, ridding it of dead cells, excess sebum and all the impurities accumulated during the day that the makeup remover has not been able to remove. Double cleansing is therefore essential for clear and clean skin, but also to unclog pores so that the skincare products, such as your serums and creams, that you will apply afterwards are better absorbed by the skin.

For well-cleansed skin

Let's briefly review good practices for effective skin cleansing:

  • First, choose a cleanser that's right for your skin type;
  • Secondly, perform a double cleansing by first removing make-up from the skin and then cleansing it with a suitable cleanser such as our chamomile cleanser for example;
  • Finally, continue with the next steps in your routine!

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Marie-Christine Roy